Limited Edition Vinyl - Rootfire Progressive Roots Vol. 001



I want to thank you for the album. I listen for good music everywhere. It's hard to find. You found it. There is something primal about roots reggae. Every generation connects. And, this album of world-infused, reggae groove is perfect.

You're on the right track with Rootfire.


(Unedited & Used with permission from Don H.)

Listen to the music you love in its highest quality...Vinyl!

Progressive Roots Vol: 001 is limited to 1,000 units, and will never be pressed again. Own an exclusive piece of the scene, and enjoy these amazing songs.

Featuring songs from Slightly Stoopid, The Green, Katchafire, Dub Trio, New Kingston, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Natural Vibrations, Stick Figure, Stranger, Three Legged Fox, and Kings & Comrades. Progressive Roots Volume 001 is the first release to come out of a partnership between Rootfire and Easy Star Records.

Song List: 

Side A 
1.) Pon Da Horizon – Slightly Stoopid 
2.) On The Road Again – Katchafire 
3.) Sensi Nation – Natural Vibrations 
4.) Vices – Tomorrows Bad Seeds 
5.) Another Way – Kings & Comrades

Side B 
1.) Golden Hour – Stick Figure 
2.) Love Is Strong – The Green 
3.) Drive By Dub – Dub Trio 
4.) La La La – New Kingston 
5.) Above It All – Stranger 
6.) Higher Love – Three Legged Fox

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